Another very popular Fetish is balloon blowing and popping. If you enjoy this one then do be sure to visit the girls on webcam and ask them if they have some balloons. I know this was a request I got often and always kept a spare packet beside me. I loved jumping on them, standing on them blowing them up and popping them. If you want to watch out hot females do the same then click the live chats below and enjoy unlimited adult cam chats with girls who enjoy all types of kinky sessions online

balloon fetish, girls with balloons

If you like to see girls bursting them then be sure to check out our girls, they are available right now so if you are a looner who likes to watch the blowing or the popping then be sure to pop into our free chat rooms and watch our girls live. These women enjoy the feel, the sound and the noise these big balloons make and the fact that it makes you super hard is a massive bonus to them. Listen to the noises it makes as they

  • Scrape their nail down it
  • Blowing it up and breathing heavy – getting out of breath the bigger it gets
  • Rubbing them between their feet to make that sexy noise
  • licking and kissing them
  • Sitting on them and bouncing around on top of them till they pop

All looners enjoy watching a sexy girl do her thing but watching her rub her feet or breasts all over them, or rubbing her wet pussy on it. There are so many different ways to enjoy this fetish and it is more popular than you could ever imagine.

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Sexy Girls with Balloons Pictures of Girls with Balloons – Gallery 

Pictures of some of our hot sexy girls blowing and popping balloons. you can also read our balloon fetish stories and watch our videos. If you have a fantasy, kink or fetish for hot females with balloons then check out our live chat rooms and watch as our sexy kinksters blow them and pop them live for you.


Yes blowing bubbles with gum are just as popular as any other fetish we will take a look below why

This fetish is also known as the “bubblegum looning” Which is every bit as popular as the above fetish we have been discussing. With this bubble gum is used to blow balloons and can be used over and over again unlike the other way where you have to disregard the latex balloons.

Some guys love to watch a hot female blowing bubbles and depending on how much gum is taken the bigger the better. This is a highly popular request made on webcam, some people like to see the gum burst all over the girls face while others like to watch as she pops it and then some just want to see how long she can hold it in that big bubble or to snap it or pinch it till it bursts More cheap fetish cams with females who enjoy making your dirty little dreams come true


A lot of looners like the different type of things, they just enjoy things that have been blown up such as condoms, beach balls, inflatable toys and so the list goes on. No matter what type of looner you are whether it be watching a lady blow up a huge balloon or watching a hot chick chewing gum and blowing a huge bubble, we can assure you, you will find it live on our site.

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girl blows up huge balloon ready to pop, ballon girls

More information on Balloon blowing here

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