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Little man syndrome, can you imagine your huge giantess standing over you, trampling on you and degrading you because you are so small? Welcome to the world of giantess fetish humiliation, where we make little men and little people live out of our shoe, palm and socks. We are waiting as massive tall females ready to tower over our tiny little guys. Click on the live webcam feeds below and start chatting with our super-sized tall females who enjoy trampling barefoot on little men. Even the girls in the foot fetish cams section love trampling on little men

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That’s right we are ready to stand on you and squash you, you are so small and useless and need to be humiliated by your giant female. She towers over you and looks down at you and laughs as she squashes you with her bare feet. She will degrade you, make you live in her pocket and describe to you in detail what happens in a giantess cams session.

These women are mean they know just how tiny you are and that you exist in a tall person world, being kicked out the way and squashed into the ground all the time. These evil women pick you up and make you dangle on a string, they put you in between huge objects to make you feel as pathetic as you really are

Giant women waiting to humiliate little men click here


This is a very popular fetish and one that is requested often of many webcam girls,  the film “Honey I shrunk the kids always springs to mind” when discussing this particular fetish. Some people just love the idea of being looked at as a little person and to be looked down at by a taller more powerful female.

They see taller people as more in control and enjoy being able to look up to them and to have them verbally humiliate them by telling them just how small, tiny and useless they are. The small world/giantess fascination has been a request that is asked a lot for out cam girls online and one they enjoy carrying out especially in a cam to cam session.

They tell you how small you are and how big they are, they may describe that you ill live in their pocket or in their shoe, or even that they will place you in the palm of their hand. You are a tiny person living in a big person world All of our live fetish chats gave females that understand your own particular fantasy and role play and each of them is always happy to carry that out for you. Can you imagine in your head the 30-foot women attacking tiny little men, squashing them, towering over them

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Great question and one we will answer below with some bullet points as to why men like Tall women or Giants

  • More powerful-looking it feels degrading to be looked down at by a taller woman
  • The idea of being eaten by larger women
  • Degrading to be humiliated about the size
  • Tiny men are trampled on and laughed at
  • It’s all about the power – The power of the bigger female – The Giant/Giantess
  • It’s a fetish of being attracted to all things large
  • It’s a fun role-play – Imagine living under her barefoot for the day
  • Trampling, carrying, lifting and squashing are all popular request as is foot worship

You can find some of our BDSM Mistresses who enjoy the whole/giant/tiny fetish all waiting on live cam to have some humiliation and degradation cam sessions with you. Get ready for our big tit Giant girls waiting to push you between their tits and smother you in big boobs. Can you handle it, tiny boy? Check out the  webcam tits section and see the size of some of these giantesses boobs that are ready to smother you

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