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Of course, the obvious reason is they are sexy to look at, but let’s take a look at more reasons guys like the look of women’s nails and enjoy masturbating over them on webcam. No matter if they are long and manicured or bitten down, there is just something very hot and sexy about fingernails and it is indeed a big fetish for many people. Just take a google search and type it in and see hundreds of site dedicated to this particular fetish

  • They look sexy and can be a huge turn on
  • Shows a girl looks after herself as it takes time to grow
  • Men imagine they long nails round their cocks
  • Can Look pretty dominant as well
  • Some guys like boobs, ass, lips so why not nails?
  • Can be related to a hand fetish and can appear to make fingers look longer
  • Bitten down nails can give the impression of dirty, slutty looking  A habit can be sexually interesting to some fetishists and biting nails is a habit
  • Watching a female apply nail polish can be very erotic and relaxing and a huge turn on for a lot of fetishists
  • Guys love getting their back scratched and enjoy long well-manicured nails for this
  • It’s very feminine

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